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Air to air Heat Pipe Heat exchangers

Typical finned air to air Heat Pipe heat exchangers comprise of number of tubular gravity assisted finned Heat Pipes
arranged in staggered pitch, depending upon the application. One of the advantages of the Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger
is its ability to operate without cross contamination between the two gas streams.

Use of Gravity Assisted Heat Pipe complies orientation evaporator above condenser for the Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger.


Air to liquid Heat Pipe Heat exchangers

This heat exchanger resembles Air to Air unit, only difference is liquid/water tank is provided at the condensation
section to preheat liquid/water.


Saving in fuel consumption
Heat recovery upto 20-40%
Compact and static unit.
No moving parts
Very little maintenance required
Very low pay back period
Design flexibility
Low temperature heat recovery is possible
Low Pressure drop 15-20 mm WG

Application Area

Paint drying ovens
Paper dryers
Tea dryers
Spray dryers
Range: Any other equipment which generates gas in the range of 50-350 dig C.

Information needed from you:

. Type of your Equipment
. Fuel Used
. Flue Gas Flow Rate Kg/hr.
. Fuel Quaintly
. Flue Gas Temperature Dig. C
. Medium To be heated Air/Water
. Flow Rate of medium (Air/ Water) Kg/hr.
. Temperature of medium (Air/Water) Dig. C
. Chemical composition of flue gas if available